Telecom Master Agent

What is a Telecom Master Agent?

Telecom Master Agents provide Telco agents, MSPs and VARs access to a large portfolio of voice and internet connectivity solutions that include MPLS, PRI, Broadband, TI, T3, DSL, Point-to-Point Fiber, and more.

Working with WTG as your Connectivity Services Distributor and Telecom Master Agent, we help you earn generous commissions identifying the best technology and top providers to fit your customer’s needs. Whether you need a meshed MPLS network to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) on a global scale or a traditional broadband or a telecom circuit, WTG can connect you with the providers that fit your customer’s needs and your business model.  Quite simply WTG helps our agents, MSPs and VARS to meet their client’s needs, make more money, add more value and achieve strong and growing bottom line profit.

Provide the Telecom, Cloud and Internet solutions your clients need with WTG as your Master Agent.

WTG Telecom Agent Solution Benefits

  • Access to 150+ Providers
  • No Quotas
  • Evergreen Contracts
  • Unbiased Recommendations
  • Partner Perks – Special Events
  • Happier, More Productive Clients